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Wellness Diabetes Speciality Clinic


Where do you go if you or your loved one has diabetes, to get the very best care for you and your family; to be the closest to the work that’s developing the cure? With the Wellness Diabetes Speciality Clinic, our research, our laboratories are right here—so advances are translated to the patient as rapidly as possible. For thousands of patients, the Wellness Diabetes Speciality Clinic is that place.


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Booking an appointment with us is very easy. Simply click on the button to book an appointment to our clinics in Ghatkopar, Mumbai and Charai, Thane.

Wellness Packages

Value for Money Annual Diabetes Management Program for Diabetic Patients

Advanced Annual Diabetes Management Program for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes Management Program for optimal care of women with diabetes who are pregnant

Wellness Mini Health Check-ups

Plan for those who are at increased risk of developing type

Plan for diabetic patients with obesity related complication

Plan for diabetic patients who are at risk of heart related

Plan for diabetic patients with affected autonomic nervous s

Wellness Blog
March 18, 2020
Do you sit at a desk all day?

Did you know sitting for long periods can have a serious impact on your health? This coul

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March 6, 2020
Taking care of your skin during diabetes

Looking after your skin is important for everyone, but it’s even more so for people livin

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September 14, 2019

If you have diabetes, exercise offers surprising benefits. As it lowers your stress level


We take care of patients with Retinopathy.Various services are availble for the treatment of it.

Foot Care

We provide various services for foot care. The clinic is well equiped for diagnosis and treatment of various foot related problems.

Gestational Diabetes

We take care of Gestational diabetes, that is, diabetes during preganancy, caring  for mother as well as for the child.


We provide various health care packages, both annual and preventive, to make sure that the patients’ health is kept under check.